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Bookmark this site that debunks absurd Internet rumors in real time

If you’re tired of celebrity death hoaxes and misreported news bulletins, a rumor-tracking site dedicated to sorting fact from fiction might be your new favorite. 

As evolving technologies and expectations force media outlets to report the news as quickly as they can, errors and misreporting happen more often they should (even here at Mic from time to time). 

That’s why Emergent is potentially game-changing.Follow micdotcom 

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The Basics:
What is Rape?/Types of Rape.
Common Responses to Rape/Sexual Assault(ppt)
Why You Aren’t Bad for Loving Your Abuser.
How to Talk About Trauma:
Talking About Trauma (ppt)
Talking About Trauma (to others)
What if they don’t believe me?
Need Help With:
Surviving the Holidays (ppt)
Overstimulated Nerves
Self-Injury (ppt)
Flashbacks (ppt)
Dissociating (ppt)
Making Peace With the Emotion Monster
On Holding Anger for Attackers
Disordered Eating, What it is and What you can do about it.
Admitting Weakness
Suicidal Ideation
I’m triggered- Now What?
More On Triggers
On Purposely Triggering Yourself
Boundaries (ppt)
Boundaries 101
Boundaries: How to set them
What is Self Care Anyway?
BACE Method
Self Care When You Lack a Sense of Self
Interpersonal Self-Care
Emotional Self Care
Physical Self Care
How to Do Self Care When You Only Have A Little Bit of Time
Intimacy After Rape
Lets Talk Consent
Lets Talk Sex
Sexuality After Rape
For Friends/Family/Partners of Survivors:
How to Help a Friend Who Has Been Raped.(ppt)
Avoiding Awkward- How to talk about rape when we talk to survivors.(ppt)
Sometimes the easiest thing to say is the worst.
Being Family/Friends isn’t an excuse.
A Friend is Self Harming (ppt)
Comfort In. Complain Out.
What Can I Do?
A Friend is Dissociating.(ppt)
Reality Checks


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